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February 28, 2023
TAPer excels in job at German MedTech, Floy

Two Things that Drive Our Mission at TAP.

We have the privilege of supporting and nurturing Palestine’s leaders of tomorrow through our upskilling programs and making sure that talented youth from one of the most fragile regions in the world, have access to great career opportunities.


At the same time, we’re supporting leading international tech companies by addressing the talent shortage and providing excellent web developers (as well as B2B sales representatives) who diversify their teams and bring new and exciting ideas to the table.

Client Success Story


The German-based MedTech company, Floy, is yet another client success story. Floy was founded with the aim to integrate AI solutions into the medical field, particularly in the radiology field which is tech heavy. This means Floy is massively invested in innovation with the need to grow a brilliant, diverse, and solutions-driven team.


Although they had often relied on LinkedIn Outreach or head-hunters to find talent, this was time-consuming and expensive so luckily, they found TAP. TAP’s extensive screening process ensures we accept only the region’s best talent who have great drive, work ethic, and communication skills.

[Leander Maerkisch, Floy]

“The education standards of Floy are very high, and we were very impressed with the TAP candidates. On top of that, TAP takes a very personal approach and does a great job in preselecting talent. In the end, this really reduces hiring costs because you can interview a few TAPers, and you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your team.” – Leander Maerkisch, 


The Perfect Fit

[Abdullah Soufan, TAP Alum]

“The difference between a good developer and an excellent developer can be 10-15x in output.” - Leander Maerkisch 


Floy’s perfect fit was Abdullah Soufan.  They were impressed with Abdullah’s technical skills and the fact that he has a “super steep learning curve” but they also recognized him for his “curiosity, open-mindedness, and his communication skills.” 

These so-called soft skills are incredibly important, particularly in a remote work environment where it becomes easy to miss nonverbal communication cues. Remote work can therefore sometimes present a challenge for building relationships and developing alignment on team culture, thereby pointing to the importance of team trips.


Off to Austria

[Floy Team in Austria]

Abdullah Soufan flew to Austria in December 2022 to meet his Floy team. This was his first time getting on a plane and he excitedly shared with us that he “memorized every moment of his trip.”


“We went skiing, ate at different local restaurants and had so much fun together every day! After meeting the team in person, sharing ideas and experiences, brainstorming with each other, and feeding off each other’s positive energy, we’ve built a new connection.” – Abdullah Soufan


When he started at Floy, Abdullah was working in the integration team and now, just months into his job, he’s been promoted to the machine learning team, also known as the AI product development team.


This is evidence of Abdullah’s “steep learning curve”, as Leander put it, as well as the power of diversifying your team with top talent who bring new ideas to the table, work hard, and are committed to their own personal growth as well as the growth of the company they join.

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