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How much does the program cost?

Our Programs have zero upfront costs but they’re not free. Our Shared Success Agreement (SSA) allows you to pay for the program only once you’ve landed a job, making TAP’s programs a stress-free investment in your future.

How are SSA payments made?

Once you’re working and earning an income, you will be able to start paying back the cost of the training. Payments are made by wire transfer to TAP's bank account. And if, at any point, you stop earning an income, payments will be paused.

What is the Shared Success Agreement?

In return for TAP’s training, networks, and job-placement support, participants commit to paying 17% of their salaries for 18 months once they land jobs. You only pay back the cost of training if you land a job within 12 months of graduating from TAP so there’s no risk to you.

Why should I sign the SSA?

The SSA allows you to participate in TAP with no upfront costs. Receive training in demand-driven technical skills and soft skills to prepare you for the job market. Once accepted you may apply for financial aid if you need assistance with covering your living costs while you study.

*Your SSA payments go towards helping TAP fund future cohorts so that together we can make Palestine thrive.

Is there a minimum salary I must earn to be required to pay back?

You are only required to make monthly payments if you earn $900/month or higher.

What happens if I lose my job?

If you lose your job at any time within the first 12 months of employment, the payments will be paused until you secure new employment and start receiving a salary again.

What If I land a job, then find a better opportunity?

We encourage you to pursue the best opportunity available to you! Your success and happiness are our top priorities, and we'll be there to guide you every step of the way.

Why should I pay if I landed the job myself?

We’ve made an investment in your professional development that will boost your journey to success. Even after landing a job, we will continue to provide you with the guidance you need as well as access to our vast network of professionals, mentors, and coaches.

Is landing a job guaranteed?

Landing a job immediately after the program is not guaranteed so it’s important that you commit yourself to the program, leverage TAP resources, and drive your success. TAP supports you all along the way and it’s a formula that works. 80% of our graduates land jobs within 6 months of graduating.

What if I land a job during the training program?

We encourage you to continue with the training program which will equip you with the skills and knowledge to enhance your job performance and help make better job opportunities available to you. If you do decide to take the job however, please keep in mind that your SSA obligations still hold.

What if I don’t land a job after a year of graduation?

If you don’t land a job within a year of graduation, there will be no payment required and the SSA will no longer be valid.

Our commitment to your success won’t end there and we’ll continue to support you until you land a job.

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