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How do you ensure my data stays safe?

Your data's safety is our priority. The brilliant aspect of TAP is that talents are direct hires of your company, meaning all your internal data security measures, like 2-Factor Authentication, naturally extend to them. Should they require devices, the same ones you provide your local team can be shipped to them, ensuring uniform security protocols. Rest assured, our contracts between all parties reinforce strict adherence to data protection norms.

What level of English can I expect from the candidates?

Expect nothing short of proficiency. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous selection process, with a significant focus on English proficiency. Not only do they have to pass a comprehensive language test, but we also provide them with additional Business English training. This ensures that TAPers can communicate effectively and fluidly in both spoken and written forms, aligning with your team's skills.

How do I onboard a TAPer?

The same way you would onboard any other employee with the added advantage of our full guidance. We’ll share proven strategies that have propelled our clients to success including:
     i.     structured onboarding timelines
    ii.     comprehensive resource access
   iii.     clear expectation setting
   iv.     inclusive team meetings
    v.    regular one-on-one check-ins, much like you’d do for your in-house team.

Are there specific legal or tax issues when hiring a TAPer?

Each region comes with its unique legal and tax nuances, but that's where our expertise comes in handy. Through our EOR services, we streamline these aspects, removing the administrative burden and making the process as straightforward as possible.

What are the usual working hours for Palestinian and Jordanian team members?

TAPers are based in the EEST time zone, just an hour ahead of CET, making real-time collaboration easy. While the standard workweek is Sunday-Thursday, many TAPers have shifted to the EU's Monday-Friday schedule. It's all about what works for you and your team, and this can be arranged individually with your TAPer.

Should we provide tech equipment, or do TAPers already have their own?

All TAPers are equipped with their own computers or laptops. However, if your company policies necessitate specific equipment, your TAPer can purchase it from local suppliers and request reimbursement, ensuring your TAPer is set up just like any other member of your team.

Is there a standard contract model when partnering up with a TAPer, or is it flexible?

It depends. If you opt for EOR services, there's a standard contract with TAP, which determines certain details in accordance with Palestinian labor law, though there's room for discussion on particulars like salary and holidays. If EOR isn't your chosen route, the contract could be directly with the TAPer or through an alternative EOR provider. It's all about what best suits your operational model.

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