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Alberto Pardo Aguilar,
Fitlov Co-Founder & CEO
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
We couldn’t be happier with the results. We planned to hire 1 person and we ended up with 3 young engineers because they all had the right ingredients of great developers.
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Ines Vaittinen,
Kasvu Labs COO
Helsinki, Finland
Everybody we interviewed was super competent. We are impressed by the quality of candidates coming from TAP, by their level of ambition, competence and communication skills.
How we help companies like yours grow
Access our vetted and diverse talent pool
Our talent pool is rigorously vetted before gaining access to our carefully curated curriculum and world class training from experts at leading organizations.

Alongside mentorship and career coaching, they are primed to seamlessly integrate into any international team and elevate outcomes.
We streamline the remote hiring process
We offer you top talent for a fixed placement fee that covers guidance and assistance throughout the hiring process, from facilitating remote interviews to salary payments in Palestine and Jordan.
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We have built more effective and impactful teams for innovative companies like:

Did you know that...
Companies with culturally and ethnically diverse teams are 36% more profitable than less diverse companies*
Hiring from TAP gives you more
Up to 50% shorter time to fill open positions
Enrich your team with intercultural perspectives
Create real social impact in fragile areas
Save on employee costs due to lower salary standards
Get a positive boost for your brand and PR efforts
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Anas Dawabsheh
Sales Development Representative
Nour Zaqout
Client Success Manager
We work with (new) companies every day to match them with the right talent.
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