Our story
In 2019, our founders, Chris and Jafar, launched Kiitos, a software house spotlighting underrepresented Palestinian software engineers to the global tech market. Over time, Kiitos transformed itself from a job provider to a platform for accelerating talent.
From Kiitos to TAP
In 2020, the Talent Acceleration Platform (TAP) emerged within Kiitos to fast-track trainees for roles at international companies. When they began requesting Kiitos-trained talent for other tech roles, TAP took off as its own company.
TAP's Success: Accelerating Global Impact
Fast forward to 2023, TAP has gained global recognition. Working alongside the Swiss Government (SDC) and the Dutch Government (NRO), we’ve launched programs in Software Development, Business Development and Digital Marketing. We’re disrupting the talent landscape and catalyzing opportunities for the bright minds of Palestine.
Chris and Jafar launch Kiitos to to create jobs for Palestinian software engineers
1st Talent Acceleration Platform is launched within Kiitos
TAP becomes a talent hub for other companies
TAP partners with the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency to launch a second track in business development
TAP partners with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create 400 jobs in Palestine and launches its digital marketing track