TAP Impact Report 2023
How investing in overlooked talent is making an impact in Palestine
employment after graduation
average salary increase
of participants are female
TAP was founded with the aim to make a positive difference in Palestine, a place rich in talent, but facing high unemployment due to unequal opportunities and local challenges. In the last two years, we've witnessed many dreams turn into professional successes.
We’re excited to show how we contribute to a brighter future for this often overlooked talent. And looking at the current situation in the region, this is more needed than ever.
Despite the barriers, TAP has been able to host twelve cohorts across three programs, for which we have screened over 10,000 people.
And it’s only the beginning.
In this Impact Report we show the ways we closely monitor the impact we are making as we do our work at a larger scale, both in Palestine and in similar communities in the region.
Some highlights of the report include:
Causes and consequences of unemployment in Palestine

The root of our mission is in the unequal opportunities for youth in Palestine, which results in unemployment, brain drain, and waste of talent. We explore this cause, and its consequences, in more detail.

Our Theory of Change: New Perspectives

We have created a unique model to drive our impact. This has the building blocks we need to reach short term results, which in the end result in long term impact. We are excited to present this model to you in the report.

TAP’s impact on Palestinian youth as of November 2023

An update on our progress so far. This is also a time for reflection for TAP itself, as we continue to do the work in a more efficient and bigger way going forward.

Our future goals, and work in the coming year

Speaking of going forward, what does the future look like for TAP? And what do we focus on in the coming year to work towards our long term goals?

We want to thank all the talent, partners and companies working with us towards a brighter future - and we invite you to explore the report to get a more in-depth look into TAP’s work.
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