Transform from student to professional web developer.

Studies show that only 15% of IT graduates in Palestine find a job within the 1st year of graduation.

TAP’s online upskilling 🚀 program is designed to accelerate your personal & professional growth and help you land a job at an international company where you could earn $1200 - $1800 per month.

The next full-time cohort starts in July.

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Proudly working with partners around the world 🌏

TAP into your full potential 🚀

TAP is a career accelerator whose programs are designed to unlock opportunities for young graduates and connect them to software engineering jobs, in local & global markets.

Developed by international experts, this program will get you real-world ready. In 12 weeks, you’ll learn the most in-demand coding skills, enhance your business knowledge and develop the durable skills needed to start your new job.
Code like a pro
Learn cutting-edge languages and starting thinking, acting and coding like a pro.
Develop durable skills
Build the durable skills that will power your entire career. Learn how to collaborate, communicate & think critically.
Become business aware
Understand how businesses operate while you work on practical projects alongside senior mentors.
Get hired!
On completion, gain access to our hiring partner network of leading local & international companies.
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of students complete the program
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What you can expect 👀


Expert Guidance & Mentorship

Throughout your TAP journey, you will be supported by a technical mentor as well as a communications coach and career coach.


Work on practical projects

To transition from student to professional it's important to gain real-world experience. That's why the program is built around several practical projects that you will work on alongside senior developers. On completion of the program, you will also do a 6-month internship.


Monthly Living Allowance

You'll receive a monthly stipend  of $150 to help you cover costs while you study.

From education to employment 💼

Apply & get accepted

Start your journey by completing a short online application. If it’s a match, we’ll invite you to take an online skills assessment followed by a final interview.

Develop job-ready skills

With support from senior mentors you will learn the most in-demand development languages and durable business skills that will ensure you transition from student to professional.

Get hired with our help

Land a job fast with the help of our career coaches. We’ll help you improve your resume, polish up your communication, practice interviews and match you with our local or international hiring partners.

Pay nothing until you get hired

Kickoff your career risk-free with the help of our income share agreement. You’ll pay a small portion of your salary each month for 18 months - only when you’re hired!

Financing your journey at TAP.

We make a big investment in your potential and your future by offering the program for free initially and providing you with an allowance. Only after you get hired and receive a salary above $900 / month you start paying back the cost of the program in small installments.

Empowering equal opportunities

We have designed our programs with the purpose to create equal opportunities, and this also goes for the financing part.

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Experiences from our graduates ❤️


Software Engineer @ ITG Software

“In TAP, I grew as a person and as a developer. It was not like any typical internship program offered out there. TAP is a continuous process of challenging yourself and sharpening your hard and soft abilities.”


Frontend Developer @ Foothill Technologies

“Through TAP, I’ve learnt about the fundamentals of front end as well as how to become a professional developer. TAP does not only focus on developers technical skills, but also on the soft skills that developers need to have.”


R&D Engineer @ Freightos

“TAP was a life-changing experience. It has sharpened both my soft and technical skills and helped me make professional connections and Friends. TAP paved the way for me to come closer to achieving my professional goals and bridged the gap between my education and my employment!”

What you'll learn ✍️

A selection of our mentors and coaches.

During your time with TAP you will work with exciting experts, coaches and trainers.
You will work closely with several people in different stages of the curriculum, for example with:

Sawsan Almasri

Program Lead & Senior Frontend Engineer

Kiitos Technologies


Fernanda Castilhos

Career coach

Independent consultant


Stephanie Sacco

Career coach

Independent consultant


Alida Barnard-Mostert

English & Communication Trainer

Independent Consultant

South Africa
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​​If you have any questions, please use our live chat feature or reach out to our program managers by email:
You can also find common questions & answers below.
Where is TAP based and how can I contact you?

TAP is a Dutch / Palestinian company. Please find our company addresses below:

Office in Palestine: 201 Masri Building, Omar Ibn Alkhattab Street, Nablus.

Office in The Netherlands: TNW City, Singel 542, 1017 AZ, Amsterdam.

If you have additional questions about TAP and this program, please use the live chat feature if available, or contact our program managers:

How much does the program cost?

Although the trainee/participant is not required to make any payment during the program, he/she is required to pay back part of the cost after completion.

This happens through the required Income Sharing Agreement. You will pay 17% of you monthly salary each month for 18 months. Only when you're hired!

When do I start making payments?

Participants who successfully complete the TAP will start making payments only once they secure a job and start receiving a salary within a year from graduating.

How are the payments made?

Through the Income Sharing Agreement, Participants commit to paying a small percentage of their salary every month over a period of 18 months.

What is the Income Sharing Agreement and why am I required to sign it?

In this agreement, in return for receiving the training through the TAP, participants agree to pay back a portion of their salary for a limited and specified period of time only if they secure employment and start receiving a salary

Why should I sign the Income Sharing Agreement?

Signing the Income Sharing Agreement will allow you to participate in the TAP with no upfront cost, which will provide you with industry required technical and soft skills training and prepare you for the job market, increasing your chances of getting hired.

Not only will you benefit, but by making the payments stated in the Income Sharing Agreement you will also be contributing directly to your community through helping fund future cohorts of the TAP to train and prepare more and more graduates in the coming years.

Is there a minimum salary I need to earn to be required to pay back?

Yes. You are required to start making monthly payments only if you earn $900/month or higher. Once your salary is higher than this threshold, you will be required to pay.

What happens if I am not hired or lose my job?

You will not be required to make payments if you are not hired/employed within 12 months from graduating TAP.

If you lose your job at any time within the first 12 months of employment, the payments will be paused until you secure new employment and start receiving a salary again.