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Tech Talk: The Tale of a Software Hero

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Tech Talk

In this session, Ahmed will introduce us to “Nour” the hero of the Backend team, a high-performer SW engineer solving complex problems in the banking domain.

We will go through his journey and understand why he was chosen as the hero of the team, what characteristics he has, and what to learn from it.

Ahmed Saher is an Egyptian based in Munich. Working in SW since 2012, graduated from Ain Shams University with a CS degree. Currently working as Engineering Manager in Flixbus tech, leading two teams in the Finance domain.

His professional mission is to enable teams to reach their best; personally, he seeks adventure and beauty on this beautiful planet, and that's why, since 2015 he has done more than 100+ dives underwater, and he is looking forward to being a skydiver in 2024!

Feb 12, 4 PM
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1.5 hours
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February 12, 2024
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You’ll meet
Ahmed Saher
Software Manager
Flix tech

Engineering Manager in Flix tech, leading two teams in the Finance domain.