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February 7, 2024
Why Getting a Business Development Job is the Right Move

Business development is an exciting career choice in the dynamic tech industry and a promising gateway to diverse opportunities. It’s much more than sales; business development jobs are the pulsating heartbeat of growth, building connections between companies and unveiling doors to innovation, collaboration, and extraordinary achievements. 

This article will shed light on the compelling reasons you should get a (remote) business development job, accompanied by practical steps to enter this path (including taking the fast-route through TAP’s upskilling program for business development) and valuable advice for aspiring business development professionals looking for remote jobs in Palestine or Jordan.

The Benefits of landing a Business Development job

Business development has no boundaries, opening the door for diverse interaction. This allows you to work and collaborate with people from many companies, businesses, and positions, nurturing a comprehensive understanding of the industry and cultivating valuable business connections to build your professional network..

Business development jobs directly impact the company's profit, as they play a critical role in the company. The work of business development representatives (BDRs) directly impacts a company's financial success, shapes revenue streams, and drives organizational growth.

Business development depends on fast-paced learning and thrives on innovation and adaptability in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. The field inherently offers continuous learning and evolution opportunities for people working in it.

Your earnings will mirror your performance, which increases your potential for high earnings as a business development representative, also if you take on this role remotely from Palestine or Jordan. The potential for rewards and lucrative income aligns with dedication and results, motivating you to excel in your career.

How to Enter the Business Development World?

Interested in landing a business development job? First, Remember, to excel in the dynamic field of technical sales and business development, you must possess qualities very few have, like:


Networking is essential to do well in business development jobs. Improve your overall network and networking skills and become a master of networking simply by attending industry events, engaging with online communities, and connecting with experienced professionals to find yourself a mentor.

You need to gain hands-on experience in sales or marketing for invaluable insights into business development mechanics. These roles offer a front-row view of customer engagement and market trends.

Success in business development demands dedication and hard work. Be ready to invest effort, time, and energy into building relationships and achieving results. The business development journey is a mix of triumphs and challenges. Persistence will lead you to remarkable breakthroughs.

Finally, a curious mindset and a thirst for learning is essential. Openness to new concepts and strategies enhances your skill set in a field where landscapes constantly evolve.

The Fast Route to Remote Business Development Jobs

A more accessible approach to entering the world of tech sales, regardless of your background, can be as simple as joining  TAP's Business Development program from Palestine or Jordan.

This program provides technical training, soft skills development, and constant guidance from career coaches and mentors to ease your transition to your role as a remote Business development representative - as well as introductions to many hiring companies looking for you. Many companies in TAP’s hiring network have open remote business Development jobs for talent in Palestine and Jordan. 

Below is the story of Sanaa, a graduate of TAP’s program:

Finally, starting a business development job unravels an exciting growth, learning, and transformation journey. The exciting life of shaping collaborations, creating innovation, and driving revenue growth lies within your reach.

If you are still contemplating a business development career path, remember that this path thrives on dedication, adaptability, and an insatiable hunger for continuous learning. 

It's not an easy world to break into, but with TAP’s Business development program, we will get you there regardless of your background, as long as you have the right mindset and the ambition to get it done. So what are you waiting for? Explore your fast route to business development jobs in Palestine and Jordan here.

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