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November 22, 2022
Two TAP Graduates To Join Award-Winning Start-Up In Berlin

Pillio is a company with social impact at its core and they’ve just won the Berlin Newcomer Startup Award which spotlights businesses in Berlin that have been built by immigrants.

Pillio is simplifying healthcare for polychronic patients. The company is saving lives with a tech solution that reduces the patient's burden of managing medication by providing personalized medication packs along with a companion app to support them on their journey. We spoke to the founder, Muhammad Ali Khan, about Pillio’s goals and why they want TAP graduates to join their team.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of human capital and TAP is a service that helps better societies. What immediately struck me about TAP is its mission to help Palestinians and make the European tech market more accessible to them.”

Khan agrees that talent is universal and shares TAP’s belief that people in underserved communities, like Palestine, deserve equal career opportunities. While the talent has always been there, with TAP, the technical and professional skills are there too.

Pillio believes in the high caliber of TAP graduates due to the expert training the TAPers receive from technical mentors, the world-class guidance they receive from communications coaches and career coaches, as well as the real-world experience they gain from working alongside senior developers during their internship period.

“There’s lots for us to gain from the TAPers. We’re looking for versatility, flexibility, and a positive spirit!

By hiring TAPers, Pillio is gaining top quality candidates who will contribute to the start-up’s growth and success, but they are also making a social impact by helping us at TAP to universalize career opportunities. The company’s spirit of nurturing and empowering their employees emanated from Khan.

“It’s also very important to us that we create the right ecosystem that will nurture the TAPers. We want to put them in a high-pressure environment but without the pressure. They should feel empowered, cared for, and looked after. And whatever their unique strengths, our environment must allow them to flourish.”

We love Pillio’s spirit, and we are incredibly excited for our TAPers to be joining their team!

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