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May 7, 2024
Rebuilding dreams, igniting hope: Palestine's Future campaign connects youth with global mentorship

The recent war on Gaza has cast a long shadow over Palestine, especially its young people. Their dreams, once vibrant, have been dimmed by the harsh realities of conflict. Witnessing the economic and social devastation firsthand has instilled a sense of sadness and shock. But amidst the hardship, hope persists. Recognizing the immense potential within Palestinian youth, TAP launched the Palestine's Future campaign, together with a range of community partners - matching 1,000 young tech talents in Palestine with 1,000 professionals wanting to make a difference.

Palestine’s Future: A spark of hope

This initiative aims to reignite the dreams of young Palestinians by connecting them with a global network of mentors – experts, entrepreneurs, and technologists who believe in a brighter future for Palestine.

Young Palestinians are overflowing with potential and a desire to build a better future for themselves and their community but face significant obstacles like politics, violence, discrimination, and war. Palestine’s Future is a grassroots campaign for anyone looking to help build a brighter future for Palestinians by sharing their skills, knowledge, or network.

A community of organizations dedicated to Palestine's future joining forces

Fueled by the shared vision of main campaign partner Wamda, a champion for Arab world startups, and local organizations dedicated to Palestine's future – Stichting SPARK, BuildPalestine, Manara, CONCAT Tech, Na'amal, and Viaka – the Palestine's Future campaign launched end of March 2024. The response was phenomenal; within four weeks, over 900 experts from leading global companies stepped forward, eager to contribute their guidance and expertise.

Mentorship for a brighter tomorrow

People from leading companies across the world have committed their support to the campaign, including professionals from Microsoft, Meta, Google, Accenture, Amazon, IBM, EY, Apple, Mastercard, Deliveroo, Just Eat Takeaway.com, Gartner, GE, Oracle, Qatar Airways, LinkedIn, Deloitte, Cisco, Rainmaking, Salesforce, PwC, McKinsey & Company, Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company (SATORP), and many more. 

These experts come from diverse fields, united by a common goal: empowering Palestinian youth. They can offer valuable support, ranging from professional career guidance and mentorship, hosting masterclasses, and providing traineeship and job opportunities. This tailored approach ensures Palestinian youth receive the specific skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the global job market. Additionally, these industry leaders serve as powerful role models, demonstrating the potential for success for young Palestinians on the world stage.

And in reverse, these professionals get access to complementary perspectives. They will teach, but at the same time will also learn and grow personally.

Dreams rekindled, aspirations renewed

The Palestine's Future campaign is more than just skills development. It's about rekindling the dreams that were dimmed by conflict. By connecting with experienced professionals, Palestinian youth gain not just technical expertise but also a renewed sense of optimism and a clear path towards achieving their aspirations.

With communication flowing between mentors and mentees, the campaign is already facilitating professional guidance sessions and masterclasses. And this is just the beginning. The Palestine's Future campaign holds immense promise for unlocking the potential of Palestinian talent and propelling them onto the global stage.

Together, let's rebuild dreams and pave the way for a brighter future for Palestine. Join the campaign and donate your skills: https://www.tapcareers.io/future  

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