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May 1, 2024
Level up your job hunt: Inside TAP's first job hunting hackathon

Calling all TAP graduates! The TAP team launched the first jobs hunting hackathon, bringing together ambitious TAPers across Nablus, Ramallah, and the virtual world. An amazing group of 44 participants from Digital Marketing, Business Development, and Software Development programs joined the action.

The hackathon kicked off with a warm welcome from TAP co-founder, Jafar Shunnar. Next, Serena and Anas from the TAP team, unveiled the exciting hackathon agenda. To supercharge the job hunt, industry mentor Danesh delivered a series of power-packed lectures brimming with insider tips.

Who is Danesh Madarbakus?

Danesh Madarbakus is an accomplished Engineering Lead, Web & Mobile Software Engineer, and former Recruitment Consultant with a diverse background spanning Dubai and London. With a fervent dedication to his craft, Danesh is recognized for his passion and ambition as a JavaScript Engineer, constantly striving to elevate his skills to new heights.

Currently affiliated with TAP, Danesh serves as a mentor to aspiring professionals in Palestine, guiding them towards successful careers within the tech industry. His commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth underscores his belief in paying it forward and empowering others to achieve their full potential.

Equipping for success: Danesh's action-oriented sessions

The job hunt hackathon kicked off with two power-packed hours led by Danesh. He focused on equipping participants with the tools and mindset to become proactive hunters, not passive prey. His sessions delved into research skills and LinkedIn optimization, empowering participants to identify ideal employers, pinpoint key decision-makers, and strategically time their outreach for maximum impact.

Danesh championed a multi-tiered approach to company discovery. Participants learned to categorize potential employers into "Hot" (actively hiring), "Warm" (e.g., digital agencies with hiring potential), and "Cold" (companies within their software language sphere). Unearthing these opportunities involved leveraging resources like CVs, job advertisements, and strategic Google searches.

Relationship-building was another cornerstone of Danesh's advice. He emphasized the importance of cultivating connections rather than solely seeking immediate job openings. Participants were encouraged to initiate informational meetings to introduce themselves and build rapport with individuals at target companies. This multifaceted approach aimed to transform participants into confident networkers, well-equipped to navigate the job market and forge valuable connections.

Empowered by the job hunting hackathon

Following a knowledge-packed lecture brimming with job hunting tips and strategies, participants actively embarked on their search. Armed with a comprehensive toolkit that included a job hunt hackathon checklist, professional email templates, and a user-friendly job search tracking template, they began crafting compelling introductory messages and initiating contact with companies and recruiters on LinkedIn.

A vibrant atmosphere of discussion and networking emerged, as participants exchanged valuable insights and job market opportunities. The day culminated in a Q&A session with Danesh, where he addressed every question posed by the enthusiastic participants.

The hackathon concluded on a high note, with participants brimming with hope for prompt responses from the companies they contacted, their confidence bolstered by the practical tools and expert guidance.

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