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March 26, 2024
AlMoolalah with Lina Ayesh: coaching, challenging, and change.

The Palestinian woman has a long history of resilience and creativity. One powerful example is the art of AlMoolalah, a form of folkloric encrypted feminine singing. By subtly adding the letter "L" to existing songs, Palestinian women convey important messages to activists during times of struggle. This practice served as a secret language, a testament to their intelligence and resourcefulness. AlMoolalah embodies the spirit of Palestinian women: their strength, their ingenuity, and their unwavering dedication to their cause.

Dr. Mona Demaidi, the series host, takes center stage in the first episode of TAP's AlMoolalah series, launched during international women's month.  An entrepreneur, AI expert, and advocate for women's rights, Dr. Demaidi brings a strong foundation in academics and technology to the show.  She holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and a master's degree in software engineering and data management from the university of Manchester, UK.

The episode shines a spotlight on the innovative spirit of Palestinian women in the tech industry, featuring Lina Ayesh, a Palestinian software project manager and operations lead at Yalla Cooperative. Originally from Gaza, Lina currently lives in Istanbul. She boasts vast experience working with Palestinian talents in tech and entrepreneurship. Her impressive resume includes serving as project manager for the Gaza Sky Geeks project.

From dentistry to digital transformation: Lina Ayesha's impact journey

Lina Ayesh's path to technology wasn't linear. After dedicating six years to dentistry studies, a powerful urge to create broader social change led her to a new horizon: the tech industry. This passion now fuels her work as a software project manager at the Yalla cooperative, where she harnesses her expertise to drive positive change through digital transformation.

Fate intervened when Lina, a native of Gaza, and Dr. Demaidi, hailing from the West Bank, both accomplished women with ambitions in tech, crossed paths at the LEAP Event in Riyadh this March. This serendipitous encounter paved the way for their collaboration on the first episode of Al-Moolalah, which aired live on TAP's Instagram channel.

Lina's episode offered a treasure trove of insights for aspiring tech professionals, including:

  • The power of coaching: Lina emphasizes the importance of coaching in her life. While she coaches many, she also has her own coach, highlighting the value of mentorship and guidance while retaining autonomy in decision-making.
  • Job landing tips for tech juniors: Lina provides valuable advice for junior programmers and tech enthusiasts on how to excel in the job application process.
  • Opportunity amidst challenges: Lina acknowledges the difficulties faced by Palestinians, but also stresses the abundance of opportunities available. She highlights the global demand for Palestinian talent.

Palestinian advantages in the tech landscape

The episode sheds light on the unique strengths of Palestinians in the tech industry:

  • Strong English language skills: Palestinians are known for their fluency in English, a valuable asset in the global tech market.
  • Leadership and technical expertise: Palestinian professionals possess a combination of leadership qualities and technical skills sought after by employers worldwide.
  • Creativity, ambition, and a new cultural lens: Palestinian professionals bring a unique blend of creativity, ambition, and a fresh cultural perspective to international teams.

A call to action: embrace continuous growth

The episode concludes with a powerful message: We must not be confined by societal pressures or comparisons with others. Instead, we should focus on continuous self-development and skill-building, regardless of age. Our journey towards excellence is a personal one, and dedication to self-improvement is key. 

To watch the first episode of AlMoolalah, visit this link: https://www.instagram.com/p/C4syqNYNVjc/ 

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