How Wingtra gained access to MENA markets with local hire

Swiss aerial robotics leader, Wingtra, had a vision to scale their reach into the Middle East, a market brimming with potential. However, localizing their strategies and truly connecting with the region's audience demanded more than just translations - they needed local marketing strategies, local experience, and local languages.

Already familiar with the impact of TAP talent, Wingtra hired TAP graduate, Batool as a Business Development Rep for the MENA region. With her deep regional knowledge and native Arabic proficiency, Batool enabled Wingtra to engage deeper and more meaningfully with the Middle Eastern audience. Beyond her immediate contributions, Batool's presence reinforced the efficiency of TAP's hiring process, cutting time to productivity.

Now, we’re able to reach people in the Middle East that we couldn’t reach before and have more meaningful conversations. Having Batool in the team is a big asset for us.

Mirakhmad Aliakbarov
Channel and Business Development Manager at Wingtra
Quick facts
TAP hire
Batool Abdullah
Business Development
Business Development
TAPers’ regional insight and native Arabic language 
facilitate effectively targeting the right audience 
Creating diversified teams encourages multiple 
perspectives that stimulate innovation and growth 
TAP’s smooth and clear hiring process cuts time to 
productivity in half 
With immense value added by their first TAPer, Wingtra returned to hire Batool.
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