How Floy found a key employee and perfect culture fit

Floy, a German medtech company, jumped into the deep end when hiring Abdullah. They immediately saw his potential, his skills, and his energy. But hiring from the Middle East, and Palestine specifically, was new to them. With the guidance of TAP, they filled their position in half the time compared to recruiting via LinkedIn.

What started as an experiment because of the attractive cost/return potential, quickly turned into something completely different. The process of hiring and onboarding a TAPer was seamless, and Abdullah quickly turned into one of the key employees in the technical team. His drive as backend engineer for contributing to Floy’s mission has been amazing, and the same goes for the quality of his work.

I have to say that Floy would not be where it is today without him.

Slavena Andreevska
People & Culture Manager at Floy
Quick facts
TAP hire
Abdullah Soufan
Software Development
Software Development
Filled position 50% quicker versus recruiting via LinkedIn
Up to 50% lower salary versus hiring locally, creating space for growth within Floy’s team
Highly positive return on investment
Abdullah has proven to be a perfect cultural fit. He brings new perspectives and ideas, while seamlessly integrating in the team.
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