How DeepOpinion filled position 50% quicker and doubled sales outreach

Austrian automation technology pioneer, DeepOpinion, sought more than just skill – they needed adaptability, innovation, and a proactive spirit to match their dynamic environment. Yet, traditional hiring just wasn’t delivering that perfect fit.

Cooperating with TAP, DeepOpinion cut their hiring time in half. TAP graduate Sanaa didn't just fill a role, she elevated it. Her ambition and strategy contributed to a doubled rate of lead generation and business calls. More than just stats, her insights allowed DeepOpinion to blend social impact with their business, boosting both their societal footprint and profits.

I have worked with high-potential talent from consulting companies but they were never as ambitious as TAPers. When I ask a TAPer to do something, they think for themselves, consider different ways of doing it, and always offer suggestions on how to do things better.

Gloria Wagner
Global Business Development Manager at DeepOpinion
Quick facts
TAP hire
Sanaa Aslan
Business Development
Business Development
Hiring time was decreased by 50%
TAPers helped to scale DeepOpinion’s lead generation as well as business development calls by 100%
TAP’s business model allows DeepOpinion to make a social impact and improve their bottom line
Sanaa showcases TAP's talent with unique insights and understanding.
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