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We know hiring is tough...

  • Finding top talent drains your budget and time
  • Headhunters cost too much
  • Limited funds and tight deadlines leave no room for bad hires
  • Job boards bring in countless unqualified candidates

...and we can help!

We help tech start-ups and scale-ups get top 5% talent in just 2 weeks without the usual hiring headaches.

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“We planned to hire 1 person and we ended up with 3 young engineers because they all had the right ingredients to become great developers.”
Alberto Pardo Aguilar

How does it work?

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All talent is ready to start within two weeks of interview.
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Try out talent for 3 months for 0$*
No hassle, no contracts, just try them to see if they fit your company culture and team.
*Offer does not apply to senior roles.
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Talent can travel for onboarding if needed
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What our clients are saying

We are impressed by the quality of candidates coming from TAP, by their level of ambition, competence and communication skills.

Iness Viattinen

Ines Vaittinen,
Kasvu Labs COO

When I ask a TAPer to do something, they think for themselves, consider different ways of doing it, and always offer suggestions on how to do things better.

Gloria Wanger

Gloria Wagner
Global Business Development Manager

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About TAP

Since 2019, our Dutch-Palestinian company has been selecting top graduates, training them with key skills, and matching them with leading remote-first companies.

Together with the Swiss and Dutch governments, we empower young Palestinian professionals to excel in the global job market.

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